Data Solutions

Data solutions that generate results.

RGI believes that a company's best competitive resource is data. Data that is properly cleaned, enriched and segmented improves the intelligence and performance of an organization.

Our core capabilities of collaboration and innovation help companies evolve from just collecting data to gaining valuable insights from their data. From growing teams to growing sales, our breakthrough solutions change the way clients use data to generate results.

Data. Driven. Solutions.

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There are many benefits to hiring a data solutions partner:

The RGI process of designing the right data solution begins with a thorough analysis of the available data. Only by identifying the data gap—the difference between what is available and what is needed—can we determine the best solution to improve data quality.


RGI is ready to understand your organization better and help you achieve your goals through one or more of our enhanced data solutions.

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Data lists empower marketing efforts.

Consumer Lists

Reach your ideal audience with a targeted RGI consumer data list. RGI’s powerful and proprietary consumer database process allows clients to strategically connect with the right audience from 300M+ consumers with 690 demographic traits and attributes, such as age, income, ethnicity, investments, email, and phone number.

Responder Data Lists - Senior Market

These data lists are based on consumers who are most likely to respond to future advertisements because they previously responded to one. Responder data lists are more targeted and yield a higher conversion rate. RGI can provide senior market responder data lists for direct mail engagement, using our proprietary consumer database processes.

All of RGI’s consumer data lists are 100% customizable to fit your campaign.

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Save time and money by connecting with the right consumers, the first time.

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Dig up dirt on your data with good data hygiene.
True data-driven decisions start with clean data.

Customer data can get dirty over time. Information becomes outdated, incurs errors when merged with other data, or was erroneously entered into the system. RGI specializes in cleaning our client’s customer lists so that the data is up-to-date and usable.

RGI has developed a data hygiene solution that allows us to quickly and accurately assess and diagnose the problems in your data. Our process for data hygiene includes identification, analysis, testing and reporting of the data in regard to:

  • Profiling
  • Standardization
  • Consistency

Once we clean the data fields, the result is a refreshed consumer database that allows clients to effectively market to existing customers. You will also receive a report from our data team detailing what changes were made to your data.

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Good, clean data empowers sales and marketing to effectively execute campaigns.
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Make your data new and relevant with data enrichment.

Even the best customer databases can benefit from additional data. Also, multiple points of contact for a consumer are not typically gathered at an initial point of purchase. RGI data solutions are the answer.

Using our sophisticated and proprietary consumer database process, RGI updates and enriches your consumer database with new and relevant information such as: personal data, demographic data, deceased data removal, and DNC registry data.

Then, when it comes time to communicate with current and prospective customers, organizations are less likely to miss key opportunities. Opportunities can include things like increasing loyalty and influencing future purchasing decisions. In addition, there are many benefits to data enrichment:

  • Contact new customers – RGI improves internal customer data with our database sources such as email addresses, phone numbers or a second residence. The benefit is the ability to market to new consumers with updated contact information that improve overall marketing response rates.
  • Boost targeted marketing and sales with segmentation – Adding to your data provides an opportunity to segment customers according to new parameters previously unavailable to your organization. Segmentation offers value-driven information that has the ability to improve the customer experience, increase sales and saves money.
  • Improve data efficiency through geo-enablement – Consumer data can be enriched with geographic data from a Geographic Information System (GIS). Roughly 80 percent of organizations have some type of location data, even if it’s addresses or zip codes. Geospatial analysis can uncover insights and opportunities simply not visible before. Through geo-enablement, RGI can locate customers on a map, see who is closest to them and to their competitors.
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Improve data like never before—with data enrichment.

Enriched data is a valuable asset for any organization because it allows the data to become more useful and insightful. Forward-looking organizations understand that data has become outdated and unstructured—hence the need for data enrichment.

RGI data enrichment solutions empower business leaders to make precise decisions based on facts and trends, rather than speculation or bias.
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With data science, the sky's the limit.

Companies are always looking for ways to identify their best customers, retain them and find new ones. The challenge is identifying and understanding the traits in common of an organization’s best customers, as well as identifying potential new customers.

RGI’s data science solutions utilize a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to identify patterns, trends, and insights in raw consumer data. Upon identifying the traits of your best customers, RGI can then apply its full consumer database to identify prospective customers that look like your most profitable ones.

Data modeling and predicting churn.

Another important aspect of data science is using data modeling to predict customer churn. Churn is the percentage of customers that stop using a company's product or service during a certain time frame. Customer frustration from service, pricing, etc. leads to churn. One customer experience agency found loyal customers are 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive, 4x as likely to refer, and 7x as likely to try a new offering. RGI can determine which of your customers are at risk to churn.

3 examples of what data science can answer:

1. Which next customers could we lose and why?

2. Should we offer customers a new product or service?

3. Which high-performing employees are we at greatest risk of losing?

RGI applies machine learning methods to answer tough questions like these. Our data science solutions have the ability to improve an organization from the inside out. From identifying new customer segments to improving targeting and conversion—the sky’s the limit.

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Transform your business with the power of consumer data.

The good news is, it doesn't matter what kind of consumer-based business you are in - improving customer’s experience through data insights has been proven to increase retention, satisfaction, and revenue.

“Customer data that feeds new value propositions, new and improved experiences, and new revenue models is how winners will distance themselves from the pack.” - PwC Annual Global CEO Survey

Many businesses realize that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach does not work. Once clients have current and prospective customers lists that are clean, complete and accurate—now is the time to take action.

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Customer and Talent Acquisition

Now is the time to take action. RGI’s customer and talent acquisition programs allow clients to cost effectively generate leads that achieve their business growth and sales goals. These acquisition campaigns take an omnichannel approach using RGI’s state-of-the-art marketing technology solutions. Through digital strategies such as targeting, retargeting, and geo-fencing, RGI can effectively drive conversion through email, social media, direct mail, digital ads, and landing pages.

RGI’s data action solutions can turn engagement from a goal to an outcome. Learn more here:
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