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Direct mail leads can grow your business

With RGI's in-house national consumer databases, strong relationships with multiple mailhouses, and a laser focus on enhanced analytics we deliver data-driven results for you. RGI's direct mail program is hyper-targeted to find the best customers who are interested in your products and services.


RGI fixed price direct mail leads

A fixed-price lead program lets clients know what they’ll pay up front. As the first company to offer fixed-price direct mail leads, RGI bases lead pricing on data-enhanced predictive analytics. Using targeted demographics, sales territory data, and mailer card language—you only pay for leads when they are delivered. RGI's fixed price direct mail lead program is known as a gold standard across many industries.

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Visit RGI's Knowledge Center for lead generation resources and results-driven case studies.

Take the CPM approach

This program is perfect for organizations that want a custom direct mail leads program plus all of RGI’s analytic and program management services. Prospect Connect is a cost-per-thousand direct mail leads program that draws from customer models, response analysis, and iterative A/B testing to boost ROI for direct mail programs over traditional vendors.

For independent agents, we offer LEADHQ, an easy-to-use lead platform. Buy leads and grow your business through a seamless digital shopping cart experience 24/7.


The fixed price approach

RGI knows how to target all kinds of customers for all kinds of businesses. Over the years, we’ve helped many clients grow into new product segments and create custom fixed-price lead programs. We thrive on helping clients grow strategically.

Direct Mail Leads

RGI understands that our clients are in the business of helping people. We support that mission by helping them with the operation of managing their business. As part of our lead price, we bundle in services not found with typical lead providers.

Agent/Sales Territory Management

Every agent’s territory is unique, and a productive territory is critical for success. RGI helps manage each agent’s territory using logistic modeling to minimize drive time while ensuring consistent direct mail lead flow and quality. We work closely with clients to satisfy their territory and direct mail lead requirements while recommending high producing areas for growth.

Managed Lead Flow

Many businesses experience an inconsistent flow of direct mail leads. This results in them either not being productive or having to work aged direct mail leads. RGI overcomes these issues by using analytics to manage orders and predict future lead returns. We work closely with clients to understand their lead usage and monitor incoming lead flow to optimize inventory levels.

Customized Lead Delivery

Receiving direct mail leads should not be a difficult process for your business. RGI offers its own Lead Management System that lets you assign and deliver leads to your agents or salespersons, or we can customize a direct mail lead delivery service to fit your unique business processes. From API calls and FTP posting to email and SMS texts directly, RGI has automation and development services on staff to meet client’s lead delivery preferences.

Detailed Reporting and Consulting Services

RGI has dedicated analysts that partner to understand your business goals and monitor each program for direct mail lead flow, inventory, territory usage, and direct mail lead quality. We provide customized reporting that with all the data you need make informed decisions and recommend actionable insights to ensure your direct mail lead program's success.

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