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Get Top Performing Talent Leads

RGI understands that finding, attracting, and developing a top sales force is an important way to help your business grow. Whether you are small and mighty or a Fortune 500 company, RGI can help. With our highly customizable talent and agent recruitment program, you'll be hiring new talent in no time. This program is designed to help you find the best prospective talent in areas with high growth potential.

Data-Driven Approach

Successful, data-driven talent recruitment means hiring new people who perform as well as your most successful team members. With access to over 600 unique targeting attributes, RGI helps find talent leads that meet the growing needs of your business strategy. Our recruitment-based lead sourcing includes outreach and messaging strategies to appeal to a variety of targeted candidates.

Attract Top Producers

Every organization has its own culture, and no one knows what makes a successful team member better than you. RGI draws from national consumer and agent databases to target the traits that describe your ideal team member. Whether you want to train fresh talent or look for experienced talent, we create custom campaigns that fit your growth strategy.

Scale Successfully

Salespeople need sales leads to be successful. Sadly, many organizations can’t predict a salesperson's access to leads before recruitment. Or, they recruit mostly in areas with low lead potential by mistake. RGI partners with clients to understand which areas will be easiest for their sales force to sell to. We also factor in the weekly needs, territory size, and long-term sustainability of your sales force. For areas with limited growth opportunity, we work with the salesperson's interests in mind to creatively find ways to support their goals.

Sourcing top-notch talent can be a challenge.

RGI has the solution. Using advanced data analysis and geographic insights, we can find and deliver talent recruitment leads that perform like the valuable, high-potential team members you already have.

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