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RGI partners with organizations to provide data-driven solutions that generate results.

Our Solutions, Your Results.

With more than 30 years in business, RGI is a well-known innovator and a trusted, data-driven business solutions company.

In today's competitive environment, we believe your best resource to compete is within the data. It's not just enough to store data. By utilizing our core capabilities of collaboration, data sciences and innovation, we help companies evolve from data collectors to data connectors.

RGI has a solid track record of strategically using data to deliver leads with profit-yielding results. We help companies grow and generate revenue at a consistent pace that best meets their needs.

By building a world-class hub of thinkers, makers and doers, the RGI team can ensure that good data is at the heart of your business. We also bring expertise, knowledge, ideas, and experience to build custom, data-driven solutions for you.

As a first-to-market innovator of the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) pricing model for direct mail leads, we have paved the way for many businesses to consistently increase their annual sales. In the last 10 years alone, we have added several solution offerings, such as:

From growing teams to growing sales, our breakthrough solutions change the way clients use data to generate results.

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RGI is a woman-owned and veteran-owned business.

Leverage the power of data-driven solutions.

Get the most from your marketing efforts. Bringing in new customers can be costly. The key to lowering your cost of customer acquisition is to find the prospect that will appreciate your product or service. RGI helps clients win new customers at a lower cost by analyzing customer data and marketing analytics. We target the right customers for you.

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