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Rules frequently change with Medicare. Companies are not permitted to sell the same lead to multiple agents. RGI's Medicare Call-In Lead solves this requirement. Our direct mail lead generates a single call from a customer directly to you. RGI's program also targets an even flow of calls to your organization. This allows you to spend the time you need to help put customers on the right Medicare plan.

Direct Mail

RGI sends direct mail to customers that generate a one to one relationship with you. This helps maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.

Interested Client

Our Data Sciences team generates mail lists for your campaign of those customers most likely to call. This reduces the cost per call and increases call volume over traditional campaigns.

Inbound Sales

Our campaigns generate consistent flow of leads through our client's work week. We adjust mail dates in order to maintain even call volume.


Let's take a look at some of the benefits you'll see by using RGI Solutions' decades of intelligence and insights.

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"Thousands of leads!"

A 'National FMO' used RGI Solutions Call-In Leads to quickly deliver thousands of leads per month by having access to more people, improving direct mail card performance and adjusting the campaign based upon date and time performance. We also seamlessly delivered calls directly into their CRM.

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